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Premium Redline Warranty

Pick up an item from our shelves with a Premium Redline Warranty sticker on it and be eligible for an over the counter replacement in case of RMA. No more waiting!

Build Advice

Not sure what should go into your next PC? Struggling to figure out which combination of parts gives you the most for your budget? Or simply want to make sure that your choice of parts work well together? Feel free to drop by and have a chat with our experts.

Customized Systems

Want a cheap gaming PC for Rs 60k or a video production powerhouse for Rs 2 million? Even if it was the other way around, we got you covered!

On-site Service

Resolve any technical issue quickly, and request a highly skilled technician to provide on-site problem resolution with just one call

Home Delivery

Stuck in a tight schedule that leaves no time for some tech-shopping? Travelling back and forth from home take too long? Or just too lazy to get out of the house? We got this!

Custom Orders

Got some hot new tech you want to get your hands on but cant seem to find a place to buy? Come speak to us, we might be able to help!

Who We Are

"We had a dream, that one day Sri Lanka will have access to the latest technology with prices on par with the international market".

That was the idea behind Redline Technologies. Founded by two avid gamers who are also hardcore tech enthusiasts, making every tech-enthusiast’s dream come true. Expect only the latest and greatest from the world’s leading tech brands, all under one roof and at affordable prices. Despite Sri Lanka being a comparatively small market in terms of cutting edge IT technology, there’s no reason to deprive enthusiasts and gamers alike of the very best that’s available. And it’s for this very purpose that Redline Technologies strives to make the latest and the greatest from the tech world available to everyone, at affordable prices and, most importantly, as soon as they’re released.

The Redline Team

What We Do

With a steadily growing list of brands and products, coupled with a brand spanking new store, our aim is to deliver a TRUE high-tech experience that in time will hopefully eliminate the need to look elsewhere for bleeding edge computer technology. Think of us as your one-stop shop for anything high-tech, housed within a central and convenient location in the heart of Colombo!

One of our primary aims is to build and deliver the best pre-assembled PC’s you’ve ever seen. Cherry-picked components, pushed to their extreme inside beautiful cases, skillfully tidied with world-class cable management and lit up by custom LED lights (or not if that’s not your thing), Redline PC’s are truly one of a kind and are the only PC’s on the market befitting of the title “Enthusiast”.