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About our store

Redline Technologies was founded nearly 15 years ago by tech enthusiasts who wanted to make the best in tech accessible and available to Sri Lankans. We are a high end enthusiast computer store that specializes in purpose built workstation and gaming PCs.

Our BLACKBOX Workstation PC lineup specializes in purpose built workstation PCs and servers to meet all your creative and compute requirements – video editing, 3D animation, 3D modelling, CAD applications, architectural design, sound editing and deep learning to name a few. Our RLG Gaming PC lineup redefines your gaming experience by offering customization and great performance for your money.

We also haven’t left out the budget-conscious buyers and the light users, with our BLACKBOX Office line being the most affordable premium quality computers in the country, still using components from top tier manufacturers and providing the zero downtime warranty that BLACKBOX has become synonymous for.

All our computers are carefully fine-tuned to offer optimal performance in what you plan to use them for. We emphasize fitness for purpose, go into detail about the workload of the client and configure a system that delivers the best performance for the given workload, within the stipulated budget.

Through our enduring commitment to customer satisfaction, we take pride in having hundreds of repeat clients from different industries and sectors, including individual gamers, freelance content creators, SMEs, conglomerates and government institutions. We pledge to continue serving our valued customers maintaining high standards of quality and service.