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I would recommend this place to anyone who needs to get a build done, whether it be from the consumer grade to avid gamer or even the professional grade machines. These guys are your go too company when it comes to tech.
I have been their customer since 2012 and still going strong.
Thanks Team RL.

Rahul RatnamInstagram Influencer, Game Streamer

Redline is my 'go to' place for all my computer requirements. The staff are very friendly and cooperative, something I cannot say for many of the other dealers in Colombo. They offer top notch equipment and honor their warranty agreements. Superb place for all your tech needs.

Pula Pamanagama

If you are in the market for a PC in Colombo, there are places where you can buy what you 'want' and places where you can buy what you 'need'. Redline belongs to the latter category and probably the only place that can be in that category. Here's place where the staff is not only knowledgeable about their products, it's a place where the staff would recommend less costly products not because you 'want' them but because they know from their knowledge that's all what you would 'need'.

Ian Mark Subramaniam

I have been a customer at Redline for a few years so I thought of dropping in a review for them. So far I have never been disappointed even a single time that I have walked into Redline. All the staff members at Redline are very friendly, knowledgeable and serve their customers well (top to bottom of the chain of command). I would recommend Redline to purchase gear to any known or unknown person to me.

Janaka Rodrigo

The service exceeds all my expectations, multiple times. Thanks for zero downtime of my workstation for more than 3 years. All the replacements were instantaneous, on the spot while I enjoy a cup of coffee downstairs.

Malinda Alahakoon