Home Delivery

Stuck in a tight schedule that leaves no time for some tech-shopping? Travelling back and forth from home take too long? Or just too lazy to get out of the house?

Contact us via email or phone regarding items you need delivered. Home delivery is available for anything - from a mouse or a headset, to even laptops or fully assembled systems. Safe and secure island-wide delivery will be provided through a reputed courier service with order tracking.

  •  Payment can be done through bank deposit or fund transfer. Account details will be provided on request.
  • A full payment is required for the item to be shipped out. Payment confirmation will need to be provided via email.
  • Items for which payments have been confirmed will be shipped out within one working day.
  • Items to be delivered within Colombo or its suburbs will be delivered within one working day from collection. Outstation deliveries could take two to three working days.
  • The courier fee is payable on delivery. This charge would range from around Rs 250 to around Rs 2,500 depending on the size and weight of the product delivered.